Do I receive a certificate for my tree donation?

You will automatically receive a digital tree certificate in PDF format after receipt of payment for every tree donation. We will gladly send you the certificate by post at cost price of 2 euros. For this purpose, please contact maike.grundmann[at] If you as a company would like to have certificates for your customers, you can find further information here or contact partner[at]

For which purposes will my money be used?

We use your donation respectively to your desired purpose:

The Ambassadors for Climate Justice stand up for their own future. They educate other children at Plant-for-the-Planet Academies and give presentations to adults. They organize planting activities and they plant trees worldwide as a world family. By you donation you directly support our Ambassadors for Climate Justice. In this way, we are able to finance travel and participation costs of a child (youth summit) and can support the children in the long term with their work for a better future.

We guarantee that we plant one tree in one of our partner countries for each donated euro. This is supervised by an auditor. This is true for a direct tree donation as well as trees vouchers or it is a donation via a Tree-Card. Currently we are planting on our own property in Campeche, Mexico. You are welcome to visit the sight for a three day trip, if you are interested in the project. 

The aim of the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation is that children are able to educate other children and inform them about cosmopolitanism and climate justice. Their action that is worldwide visible is planting trees. In this manner, children encourage other children to interfere in their own future creation. With your donation or with a membership, you support the work of the foundation.

Can I give trees away?

Yes. You have the possibilty to register who shall be entered as donor and as donee via our website. We will then create a corresponding certificate and will send it to you in digital form. Both the person giving and the given will be named on the certificate. 


Why are the donated trees planted in other countries?

We use the tree donations to plant trees in countries of the South, which takes place on our foundation owned property in Campeche, Mexico since the end of 2014. Due to the climate in this area, trees grow particularly quickly and take up a higher amount fo CO2 than countries such as Germany (up to two to four times as much). But there are more reasons to plant in countries of the south. 

Today, 500 people in Campeche, Mexico, live from the wages paid to Plant-for-the-Planet’s afforestation team. . In poorer countries, afforestation and the sustainable use of wood in industries could create millions of jobs. Today, forests provide an income for 1.6 million people all over the world.

Trees store carbon in their wood while growing. But if after a few decades they die, the absorbed carbon dioxide returns back into the atmosphere. If instead the wood is turned into furniture or wooden buildings, the carbon remains stored. Combining sustainable forestry, reforestation and local wood industries, this method can build up a long-term carbon storage and perspectives for many workers in the countries of the south.

We work together with our planting partners that already have long-term experiences in planting large areas in order to ensure plantations and care of the trees. 94 percent of the planted trees survive – that’s more than four times higher than the average survival rate in Campeche. The care is included in the 1 euro price per tree. 

Those trees planted in countries of the south are not only important in our fight against the climate crisis, but also against droughts, desert formation, erosion and helps protect areas, for example costal areas against seaquakes. In many countries, it doesn’t make sense to redistribute the money into the local forest system as the trees are normally made available for free to the children. 

I am a pupil and want to support you. What can I do?

First of all, the best thing you can do is sign up for an academy. You will find everything else in our activity brochure “How do I get active”. As an Ambassador for Climate Justice you can give great presentations, to teach others about the climate crisis, what effects trees have and why we are fighting for climate justice. 

Who are Ambassadors for Climate Justice?

Ambassadors for Climate Justice are children who have been trained at a Plant-for-the-Planet academy.

• They are committed to their own future.
• They educate other children.
• They give presentations in front of adults and, with their role model, encourage other children.
• They organize planting activities and plant worldwide.
• They don’t wait until others do something but courageously tackle the global problems.
• They are between 8 and 14 years old and come from all parts of society.
• They feel as a world family due to the global network of children that is active for Plant-for-the-Planet in their home countries.

How do I become an Ambassador for Climate Justice?

That is really easy! It is only a day you can attend a free Plant-for-the-Planet academy and become an ambassador. The amazing thing is: Other childre will be teaching you, who are already Ambassadors for Climate Justice. They will be explaining to you, what the climate crisis is and most importantly what you can do agains it together with other children in your country and across the world. At the end of an exciting academy day you will receive a certificate and will give yourself and all of the other ambassadors the promise: I will be active and will fight for our future on a regular basis! 

Find out here when an academy takes place in your area. You will find out more about academies here.

What should I bring to an academy?

We ask you to bring along something to drink, as well as clothes adequate to the weather and sturdy shoes, perhaps rain trousers or sun protection and a trick control product. Moreover, you need the signed photo release permission (if your parents are happy to have our picture taken). 

How can I register for an academy?

All details of current acadmies can be found here.  Now just select the academy you want to join, press the button “Register now”, and you’re registered. After having entered all data, you will get a confirmation email. Just confirm the registration and your registration is completed. It’s very simple!

Alternatively you can also access the academy link through our website At the top of the page, in the middle of the homepage, you can find the menu item “Join in”. If you press this button, you get to the item “academies”:

Do I need to bring my own food to the academy?

An academy is always entirely catered so children and parents do not have to worry about bringing food. A vegetarian lunch, fruits, cookies or cake as well as drinks are provided. There will be no costs for the children. 

When can my parents pick me up?

You parents are welcome to join our closing event, which normally starts at around 5pm. At this closing ceremony, you are going to present the acquired knowledge, ideas and steps of action to the adults.

Is a photo release permission vital to participate at academies?

It is also possible to participate in an academy without a permission. All children of whom it is allowed to take pictures receive their Plant-for-the-Planet t-shirt during registration at the beginning of each academy. The children of whom it is not allowed to take pictures receive their t-shirt at the end of the academy. This enables us to differentiate between the children of whom it is allowed to take pictures and of whom it is not allowed to take pictures the entire day. Additionally, there is a “Check-In” picture being taken from every child . This picture is only used for internal purposes and is not published. On planting campaign photos on which the children often wear jackets that cover the t-shirts, it helps us to see whether the photos may be published or not. 

By the way: You can check out pictures and videos from previous adacemies on our Flickr-Album or our Youtube-Channel! 

How many children normally participate at an academy?

Our academies can be hold with up to 80 children. 

Can I participate in more than one academy?

As we want to enable as many children as possible to attend the academies, we kindly ask you not to participate twice in an academy. But: you can become active as a Climate Justice Ambassador: 

  • participate at an academy through giving your own presenation to train other ambassadors or sign up as a co-moderator. Just click check out academies in your area. 
  • Make sure to check your E-mails on a regular basis, as we will contact you about interesting events and opportunities in your area. In case of a change of your E-mail address please contact us:

What are Plant-for-the-Planet academies?


Academies are one-day events of up to 80 children carried out by 3-5 moderators and 1-2 already trained ambassadors for climate justice. In Plant-for-the-Planet Academies, children between 9 and 12 years learn interesting facts about the causes and consequences of the climate crisis and become part of a worldwide network of active children as trained ambassadors for climate justice. Children who are already active as ambassadors for climate justice explain other children at the academy that they don’t need to remain inactive regarding the climate crisis, but can assume social responsibility and actively shape their future. During the academy, the children plant their first trees and plan own activities in order to sensitize other children and adults to the subject of climate justice and to motivate them to take action. As a working basis, all ambassadors receive extensive information and background material. These materials and the participation in the academy are free for the children.

You can access more information about academies here. 

An informationsheet in the form of a PDF can be found amongst the downloads. 

How are the children supervised during the academy?

The children are being supervised from employees of Plant-for-the-Planet as well as from parents and teachers. If you would like to support us in our effort, please let us know!

Can my parents/grandparents accompany me to the academy?

Yes, they are welcome if they support us as supervisors during the course of the academy. Please contact as prior to the start of the academy. 

How much does it cost to participate in an academy?

An academy does not cost you anything! The academy is free for all children, including lunch, snacks and transportation to the planting area if needed. 

Am I expected to have prior knowledge of the topic?

No, you are going to learn all the interesting facts about the climate crisis during the academy. 

What is the minimum age to participate in an academy?

The academies are suitable for children of 10 to 12 years. Particularly interested children can already attend at the age of 8 and up to 14 years. 

When is the best time for an academy?

The academy should preferably take place at a Saturday during term time because it is harder to reach the children during the holidays. It’s more complicated to organize dates during the week as the children have to be exempted by the school.

Furthermore, the academy should, if possible, take place during planting time (between March and May or September and November. During these periods of time, many small seedlings can be planted, whereas during the summer months, we usually have to take plants that are already bigger. These symbolic plantings can be supplemented by bigger planting-parties in autumn. But in general it depends from regional climate conditions.

How can I organize a Plant-for-the-Planet academy?

We are very happy about everyone who wants to support us energetically!

It is a great and exciting task to organize an academy. You will find everything you have to consider for planning an academy on our website: “Participate – Academies – Organize an academy”. For more information please read our manual about organizing academies that we will gladly send you.

Just get in touch with us. We will be pleased to help and advise you and are at your disposal for your questions at +49 (0) 8808 93 45 and If there is no coordinator in your country, please contact our office in Tutzing, Germany.

My mobility is limited. Can I still participate at an academy?

Yes, it is usually possible to participate. However, it depends on the venue. Therefore, please personally call us. You can reach us via the follwoing number. +49 (0) 8808 9345. Or you cna send us E-Mail

How long does an academy take?

The academy takes an entire day, normally from 9.00 a.m. to 6 p.m.. But it depends on the organizers and the venue.

Can I bring my friends to the academy?

Yes, of course, as long as they have registered on the website. However, normally, not more than 5-8 pupils from the same school should participate in an academy. Why? Because the goal is that once you get back from the academy you can give the first presentation in front of your class or at your school. If your whole class attends it will be more difficult to give your first presentation. 

How is the transportation to the academy organized?

Reaching the venue is organized self-responsibly by the children with the help of their parents and/or teachers. 

How much time is required in advance for organizing an academy?

Preparation time required depends on many factors and is different due to the number of children. However, in the past we have seen that four months are a good period to plan an academy – especially to contact schools and partners in due time and to integrate them. 

Is it also possible to sign up via E-mail or phone?

The application process for an academy is possible online, so that we can make sure that all of the details are correct and children are allocated to the right academy. We can only accept applications via E-mail or phone in exceptions. 


How are the speakers for an academy selected?

Usually we search for and contact those children that live in the proximity of the academy venue and who have previously attended a Plant-for-the-Planet academy and become a Climate Justice Ambassador. It is part of your goal to keep traveling costs and effort to a minimum. A good knowledge of the topic and rhetorical skills are also essential for the application to become a speaker at an academy. 

Speakers are the children that are giving a presentation about climate justice at an academy. 

You want to become a speaker? Then register yourself online for an academy of your choice. This is possible via the button "Apply as event speaker". We will then contact you. 

Who decides on the contents of the Plant-for-the-Planet academy?

The Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation is responsible for the contents of the academies. Sponsors don’t have any influence on the contents of the academies. The contents are based on scientific research of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Research (PIK) and are guaranteed by the Club of Rome and the Global Marshall Plan Foundation. 

I can take "Stop talking! Start planting!" myself?

Yes! Ask a famous adult from your environment if he or she is ready to take a photo. For example you can ask an actor or singer, an important politician or the boss of a big firm in your area. You will be able to find everything that is important to know, in order to take a cool picture, here.  

Please send the picture to Don't forget to mention: 

  • Who are the adults that are visible in the pictures? 
  • What is the child on the picture called? 
  • How old is the child?

We can then take your picture to create a cool poster, which we are then able to send you. You can now spead it on faceboo, twitter, instagram and other social media channels. 

You can find out what those pictures are supposed to look like here! We always post new pictures on Facebook

We want Felix to speak at our school. Is that possible?

In 2007 the initiative started with Felix. In the means time there are thousands of ambassadors for climate justice. All of them have the same hopes and goals for our future. If you want to present Plant-for-the-Planet at your school, you can easily do this without Felix personally. We can help you to find an ambassador for climate justice in your area that can be invited to give a speech at your school. If you are already an ambassador for climate justice or there is one at our school, we are happy to help you with any preparations. Just contact us via

We still receive requests for speeches by Felix daily which he had attend irregularly as he studies in London. 

Thanks to the many other amazing presenters amongst the ambassadors we have many speakers that are eager to give a speech. Just take a look at what other ambassadors ar doing

I want to plant trees. Who will pay for them?

First of all, the best thing to do is to talk to the local forester. You can often plant together with the forester without any additional costs. The forester will then look after the seedlings. This is very important because the forester knows exactly which trees can be planted at which places so that they take root well. If it is not possible to plant together with a forester, it becomes a bit more difficult. You need a property, where you can plant your trees and where it is ensured that the trees remain there in the long term and are not cut after a few years. If you have the property, look for sponsors for the trees. Nevertheless, please contact a forester or a nursery in advance so that they can tell you which trees you can easily plant on the property. Perhaps, a local nursery is willing to donate the trees to you. If not, try to achieve a good price – finally, you plant for a good cause! If you then still need money for the trees, talk to local companies or try to raise the money for the trees by carrying out activities at your school.

Also invite the media, such as newspapers and regional TV station, to your planting event. Take pictures and send them to us, with a short article so we can post it on our website, Facebook and Instagram. Just send it to: media[at]

Trees in countries of the South are planted with the help of donations for trees for Plant-for-the-Planet. Most of these countries don’t have such a good forest system. It is therefore very important to reforest there. Besides, the trees in these countries grow faster due to the climatic conditions and can thus faster absorb the CO2. The money for these trees comes from many small donors who donate via But also many companies donate a part of their proceeds for trees

What should be considered when organizing a planting action?

See Guidelines Planting activities: Planting trees – but correctly

How is Plant-for-the Planet connected with UNEP?

During his researches in the Internet, Felix discovered that the UNEP started a children`s project in 2003 which was called Plant-for-the-Planet. Nothing has happened with this children’s project for some time – but WE wanted to do something – immediately! Plant-for-the-Planet – the name fitted exactly to what we planned. Starting at the same time as we, Wangari Maathai has brought into being the ‘Billion TreeCampaign’ with the UNEP for adults. Today, the adult and children’s program together is called: ‘Plant for-the-Planet: The Billion TreeCampaign’. 

If you want to know more about the story, you can read our book "Tree by Tree". It is possible to read in online for free or order it in our shop. After attending an academy, you will also receive it in your Ambassador-bag. 

By the way, Archim Steiner the former head of the UNEP has been a supporter for years. During the Youth Summit 2016 he sent us a video message, which you can watch online. 

How can you support the children?

You have many different opportunities to support the children: