Over 100,000 children around the world are following the same mission. To guarantee success, we are well organized on every level! This way we prove that we children can lead a global movement on our own. Scroll down to find out how we do it.



    We are Climate Justice Ambassadors.

    Plant-for-the-Planet is an organization lead by children for children. Every child can get involved - and over 100,000 children worldwide are already doing just that. This number of children could fill over 2 football stadiums!

    But that is not all: over 46,000 of them are Ambassadors for Climate Justice.* These are children between the ages of 9-12, who pass on their knowledge to the new members at Academies. Naturally, older children can also join Plant-for-the-Planet: youth aged 15-21 can be empowered at our Academies for Future Ambassadors. As a result, you can see more and more children joining our movement and together we are reaching more and more key milestones and fighting for our future.

    * (Effective January 2016)



    Achieve more together:
    The Plant-for-the-Planet Clubs.

    The Plant-for-the-Planet Clubs The children form their own clubs and take action on their own. Presently, there are Plant-for-the-Planet Clubs all around the world motivating more and more children to fight for their future.

    The clubs organize planting parties, demonstrations, and interesting presentations to encourage more children to join the movement, as many do not realise how much fun making a difference can be.


    Global Board

    Vote for a better future.

    All members and ambassadors, who are entitled to vote participate in an online vote for the Global Board once a year. It is made up of children and youth who make important decisions for the entire organization and set the focus of the movement.

    14 children (8-14 years) and 14 youths (15-21 years) from 8 different regions are elected onto the Global Board: China, Europe, India, Latin America & Caribbean, North America & Oceania, Sub-Saharan Africa, West Asia & North Africa, Central- & East Africa.

    Two of these board members are elected to the positions of Global President and Vice-Global President in a second round of voting.

    14 + 14 + 1 = Board.

    The Global Board consists of a total of 28 elected children and youth.

    They are all role models for us because of the responsibility they have taken on and because have shown that fighting for one's future is worth it! The Global Board is supported by the Plant-for-the-Planet Secretariat.

    Nevertheless, Plant-for-the-Planet is lead and represented by children for children.

    Take a look at the current Global Board!




    We would like to thank all sponsors
    for their support!

    Our goal as children is to take matters into our own hands and to fight for our future. Nevertheless, we are naturally thankful for the support we get from the adults.

    Our activities around the world are endorsed by the Global Marshall Plan Foundation, Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation and the Club of Rome.

    In addition, we are supported by thousands of other organizations, institutions, businesses, donors and volunteers.

    Together, we have big plans - and that is only possible if we all pursue our goal of climate justice together.

    We thank all our sponsors for the fantastic support!


    Scientific Advisory Board


    Dr. Tom Crowther is the Head of our Scientific Advisory Board